Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: These FAQs are not a substitute for applicable legislation or expert advice. This information is of a general nature only and is not exhaustive. Any views expressed or statements made should not be taken to indicate how the Commission may decide on any issue(s) in the future. Users are accordingly advised to carefully study the provisions of the Act, Combination Regulations, other regulations issued by the Commission and the notifications issued by the Central Government, and seek expert advice from suitably qualified professionals, where necessary.

What is a combination in terms of the Competition Act, 2002? I am a party to a transaction. Do I need to notify the transaction to the Competition Commission of India (“CCI”)? Which entities’ assets and turnover should I consider to ascertain whether a transaction meets the jurisdictional thresholds? While assessing assets and turnover of the parties/groups to a transaction, which year’s value of assets and turnover are to be considered? What is meant by the principle of attributability?